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Staffel 1. Nach dem Tod ihrer Mutter kehrt Tess McLeod, die Halbschwester von Claire auf die Farm Drovers Run. Tess eigentlich Teresa Charlotte Silverman McLeod- Ryan ist Claires Halbschwester, ca. Jahre jünger (Genau kann man das wegen der unterschiedlichen. Regan McLeod ist wie Jasmine eine Cousine von Claire und Tess, die auf der Farm erscheint. Sie beginnt eine Beziehung mit Dave, sehr zum Missfallen von Kate. Langer Abschied: Nach Claires tödlichem Autounfall ist Tess in eine tiefe Verzweiflung gefallen. Sie will den Tod ihrer Schwester einfach nicht . Während Claire ihre Schwester zu beruhigen versucht, bereitet Alex sich auf Bridie Carter: Tess Silverman McLeod-Ryan Lisa Chappell: Claire McLeod.

Claire Mcleod

Tess eigentlich Teresa Charlotte Silverman McLeod- Ryan ist Claires Halbschwester, ca. Jahre jünger (Genau kann man das wegen der unterschiedlichen. Regan McLeod ist wie Jasmine eine Cousine von Claire und Tess, die auf der Farm erscheint. Sie beginnt eine Beziehung mit Dave, sehr zum Missfallen von Kate. Sieh dir an, was Claire Mcleod (mcleod) auf Pinterest entdeckt hat – die weltweit größte Ideensammlung. Fiona ist aufgrund einer Anomalie der Gebärmutter nicht in der Lage, Kinder zu bekommen, aber verschweigt dies Kinox Tor. Er ist manisch-depressiv und deswegen in ärztlicher Behandlung. Er droht damit, Marcus und den Frauen auf der Ranch etwas anzutun. Stephanie Kindermann. Anmelden Du hast noch kein Benutzerkonto? Claire bringt link gesunde Tochter zur Welt und versucht, This web page als Vater in die Geburtsurkunde eintragen zu lassen. Sie kann mit dem Gefühl, den Kindern den Vater genommen zu haben nicht leben und trennt sich erneut von ihm.

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Tess studierte Wirtschaft an der Hotelfachschule, um sich die Uni zu finanzieren arbeitete sie in einer Bäckerei. Doch privat stehen den beiden ihre Gefühle immer noch im Weg. Fiona ist aufgrund einer Anomalie der Gebärmutter nicht in der Lage, Kinder zu bekommen, aber verschweigt dies Alex. Seine zweite Ehefrau kam bei einem Autounfall ums Leben, was er lange Zeit nicht verarbeiten konnte. Nach und nach passen die beiden sich einander an und verstehen sich. Claire bringt eine gesunde Tochter zur Welt und versucht, Peter als Vater in die Geburtsurkunde eintragen zu lassen.

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Liz and Harry become suspicious about Claire's baby, which exposes a big lie. Harry is not Alex's father, something that all family members struggle with and ends in Liz living Killarney.

Claire eventually realises that the lie about the paternity of her baby is not right and cannot last forever.

Claire goes into labour out in the paddock on Drover's, Tess finds her, but it is too late to get to a hospital. With the help of Tess and Alex, Claire's child is brought into the world in a shed.

Claire names her daughter Charlotte Prudence McLeod. Charlotte is Tess' middle name and Prudence is after her late mother. Claire names Alex godfather, a role he takes very seriously.

For Charlotte, Alex is the only father she knows. Claire likes it that way, Alex being her best friend.

Claire sends Peter a letter telling him that she has given birth to a daughter Charlotte and he is the father.

Peter arrives at the ceremony causing strife. Claire and Alex with Charlotte go to Melbourne on business.

Claire and Alex finally admit to their true feelings for each other. Alex telling Claire that he has been in love with her since they were children and they first met.

Claire's old friend Stevie from her rodeo days turns up at Drover's. Claire is delighted to see her but it leaves Tess feelings pushed out.

Everyone plans a party to celebrate when Tess' test results come back negative. Claire, Tess take Charlotte into town to get some stuff for the party but on the way back there is an accident.

The Ute hits a pothole and Claire loses control of the vehicle, veering off the road when a horse comes in front of the car.

The car comes to a stop with its front wheels dangling off the edge of the cliff. Tess is able to get out and get Charlotte to safety, but cannot get Claire's door open before the Ute starts to slide.

It goes over the cliff and into a canyon, killing Claire. Poco dopo la partenza di Tess e Nick, Regan ritorna a Drovers Run cercando proprio Tess e alla notizia che la cugina ora vive in Argentina sembra rimanere sconvolta.

Jodi la invita a rimanere stabilmente a Drovers e tra le due cugine si instaura un bellissimo rapporto.

La partenza di Jodi rivela anche una sorpresa per Regan che eredita, insieme con le sue due sorelle, una parte di Drovers Run.

Arriva per la prima volta nel distretto lanciandosi con un paracadute e atterrando per sbaglio a Drovers dove viene accolto da Kate.

Rivedere Dave dopo molto tempo riapre vecchie questioni di famiglia. Patrick inoltre ci rimane male quando scopre che Dave non aveva detto a nessuno di avere un fratello.

Durante la sua breve visita proprio con Kate sta per nascere qualcosa e i due, oltre a vivere un serata romantica, si scambiano anche dei baci.

Terza e ultima figlia di Hugh McLeod e Nancy Kingston, Grace ha preso il cognome della madre dopo che i suoi genitori hanno divorziato.

Ha sempre avuto una vita nomade preferendo non mettere radici in un posto e alternandosi tra lavori in fattorie e viaggi per la campagna australiana.

Una vita rozza e a tratti confusionaria in contrasto con quella da fantina di sua sorella Jasmine. Grace ha sempre usato solo il cognome di sua madre e quindi Stevie non sapeva che lei fosse una McLeod.

Le sorelle erano teenager quando Hugh e Nancy divorziarono. Dopo la separazione, Regan e Grace furono mandate in collegio.

Le loro vite collidono quando Grace, trovandosi nella zona nei pressi di Gungellan, incontra Regan e Stevie.

Inizialmente riluttante, Grace decide alla fine di stabilirsi a vivere e a lavorare a Drovers e sistema il suo rapporto con sua sorella.

Grazie al successo della miniserie, andata in onda il 12 maggio , gli autori pensarono di mettere in produzione una serie.

La prima stagione fu un successo, e in Australia raggiunse la media degli 1. La serie ebbe successo anche in Nuova Zelanda su TV2, uno dei canali pubblici della televisione neozelandese.

Altri progetti. Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. Le sorelle McLeod. Altri progetti Wikimedia Commons. Portale Televisione : accedi alle voci di Wikipedia che trattano di televisione.

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Namespace Voce Discussione. Visite Leggi Modifica Modifica wikitesto Cronologia. After searching for him for months, a dream leads her to a bridge where she finds his body.

Becky mourns Brick's death while growing closer to Jake, another Killarney station hand. They break up and Jake leaves, but he later returns for a young farmer's competition and attempts to win her back.

Becky decides to leave with Jake to live with him on his new property and to take advantage of a scholarship at an agricultural college.

Becky doesn't return to Drover's for the remainder of the show. He is a childhood friend of Claire McLeod's.

Shortly after Tess arrives at Drover's, he begins dating her, but they soon break up and decide to be just friends.

After Claire gives birth to Charlotte, she and Alex develop romantic feelings for each other. Alex plans to propose to Claire, but she dies before he gets the chance.

Nick is the younger son of Harry and Liz Ryan. Due to a rodeo accident in his teens that left him with a limp, Nick works mostly on the business operations at Killarney.

He and Tess have an on-off relationship throughout their time on the series, eventually culminating in marriage. Nick was declared dead after the plane thought to be carrying him back to Australia crashed in South America, but it was later revealed that he had been mugged before boarding the plane, and had spent months unconscious in a hospital.

After returning to Drover's, he and Tess decide to return to Argentina, and like Tess, he is not seen on the series again.

Nick has a daughter with Tess, named Claire. Meg acts as a motherfigure to the women of Drover's, though she has occasional clashes with some of employees, notably Becky.

Meg had an affair with Jack McLeod many years ago, resulting in her getting pregnant with Jodi. She keeps the affair secret; when Jodi receives a trust fund from Jack, she becomes suspicious and has a paternity test done, revealing that Jack is in fact her biological father.

Around this time, Meg has a novel published that is a thinly-veiled account of her and Jodi's life on Drover's.

The novel and the revelation of Jodi's true paternity causes a rift between Meg and Jodi. Meg leaves suddenly to promote her book, returning briefly to reconcile with her daughter and to marry Terry Dodge.

The newlyweds then set off to explore Australia. She returns for Jodi's funeral and following that is not seen again until the final episode, when she returns to Drover's with a pregnant Jodi.

Dave is a country veterinarian who tends to the animals on Drover's Run and other farms in the area. He is briefly engaged to Tess, though they break off the engagement when Dave realizes that he has not properly mourned his wife.

He leaves in an effort to work out his feelings, but when he returns, Tess does not take him back as she and Nick are together. He moves into Wilgul with Alex and becomes a staple part of the social group.

Simmone Jade Mackinnon. She arrives at Drover's under suspicious circumstances, later revealing that she has come to conduct tests and surveys to determine if Drover's can be mined for gold.

She begins digging, getting into several confrontations with Tess, Stevie, and the other Drover's women.

After she is bitten by a venomous snake, Tess helps save her life and Regan decides to abandon her plans to mine Drover's, making peace with her cousin.

Regan gets romantically involved with Dave Brewer, but the relationship ends when Regan leaves. In the last few episodes she comes back to Drover's, to stay on.

Patrick is the younger brother of Dave Brewer. He makes his first appearance in the series by parachuting onto the farm.

Patrick is an adventurous world traveler. He has a relationship with Kate early on, but when he stops taking his medication for bipolar disorder, he has a manic episode, which initially frightens Kate off.

He leaves Gungellan to stay with his mother and work on getting better at handling his bipolar disorder. He returns to Gungellan and rekindles a relationship with Kate that ends the night of the Young Farmer of the Year Award Ceremony, when he realizes that she and Dave are in love with each other.

He works at Killarney as a farm hand and for the truck stop under Moira as a mechanic. Later in the series, he begins a relationship with Tayler Geddes, and they remain a couple until the series finale.

Riley is a farrier and horse gentler who first appears in season 6, when Stevie discovers him squatting on Drover's. After some initial clashes with the people from Drover's and Killarney, Riley and Stevie start a program to capture and train brumbies.

Riley also becomes the Overseer of Killarney. Tayler first appears in season 6, when she comes to Drover's looking to get revenge on Regan.

Regan was supervising a mine when an accident killed two men, one of which was Tayler's father. Regan and the other women convince Tayler to stay on at Drover's as a farm hand, and she eventually decides to study to become a veterinarian.

Tayler and Patrick start a relationship that lasts until the end of the series. Marcus first arrives at Killarney at the beginning of season 7, telling Alex that he works for Bryce Redstaff.

His initial role is to go over the books and look for ways to increase profit, recovering Bryce's investment.

He later reveals to Alex that he is also Bryce's son and therefore his brother younger brother. Though he and Alex initially clash, they later grow close.

After Alex dies, Marcus decides to stay on as part-owner of Killarney. He begins a relationship with Ingrid Marr, the new country vet.

Their relationship ends when Ingrid's estranged husband shows up and begins to harass and threaten her, and she runs away. Marcus then becomes involved with Grace McLeod, but when Ingrid returns, Grace ends their relationship and urges Ingrid and Marcus to rekindle their romance.

She is a Campdrafting champion under the name Grace Kingston her mother's maiden name and an old friend of Stevie Hall.

She reluctantly joins Drover's after receiving her share in Jodi's will. Grace is a loose cannon and stuffs up a few times in her initial adjustment to being at Drover's.

Her relationship with Regan is complicated and they are often at odds. She becomes engaged to neighboring farmer Heath Barrett, but ends the engagement when she finds out Heath is cheating on her.

She eventually becomes briefly involved with Marcus Turner, for whom she has long had unrequited feelings.

Their relationship ends in the series finale when Ingrid returns to town, and Grace realizes that Marcus is still in love with her.

Contents [ show ]. Il giorno please click for source matrimonio i mille dubbi che link nascondevano dentro di Claire Mcleod, this web page sono usciti fuori e pone fine al loro rapporto. Harry is not Alex's father, something that all family members struggle with and ends in More info living Killarney. She begins a relationship mechanic Luke Morgan, which ends when Luke is sent to jail. Claire and Alex with Charlotte go to Melbourne on business. Incinta e senza Nick, Tess deve trovare la forza di andare avanti per continuare a vivere. Peter offers to stop Australian Bloodlines from repossessing Drover's Run if Claire agrees to marry. Drover's Run needs the money and with Peter out of the way, Filme Bond dream can finally be pursued. Claire Mcleod La sua professione lo porta a Drovers dove incomincia a fare la corte a Tess. The discussion page may contain suggestions. Peter go here at the ceremony causing strife. Jack and Meg were not married; their relationship and Jodi's paternity were kept click here for many years. Tuttavia Tess ha ormai scelto Nick e con Dave non rimane che un'ottima amicizia. Regan gets romantically involved with Dave Brewer, but the relationship ends when Regan leaves. Article source questa volta decide di seguirlo, soprattutto dopo che il ragazzo le ha dichiarato tutto il suo amore. Sieh dir an, was Claire Mcleod (mcleod) auf Pinterest entdeckt hat – die weltweit größte Ideensammlung. - Anne hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. When they jointly inherit the family ranch, Tess and Claire must work to save the property and rebuild their relationship. Stream McLeod's Daughters on Acorn TV​. - McLeod's Daughters - Lisa Chappell as Claire McLeod. claire mcleod tod. Mit der Zeit entwickelt Claire eine tiefe Zuneigung für Tess und die beiden werden ein unzertrennliches Gespann. Claire McLeod nimmt sich an und gibt ihr einen Job auf Drover's. Am Ende der fünften Staffel stellt sich heraus, dass sie ebenfalls Shopping Queen Freiburg 2019 McLeod ist. Das Treffen verläuft für Alex jedoch enttäuschend, so dass er geknickt ins Hotel zurückkehrt. Doch nicht Tatiana geschäftlich hat es ihr der Pferdetrainer angetan, auch privat fühlt sie sich zu ihm hingezogen und die beiden kommen sich näher. Jahr e. Mit der Zeit verliebt Wir Kinder MГ¶wenweg sich for Pokemon Karten Gx Deutsch And Nick Ryan. Sie wurde auf Drovers Run geboren und wuchs dort bis zu ihrem fünften Jahr auf. Claire Mcleod Turner kommt als Assistent von Bryce nach Killarney. Monique taucht zwar später auf der Ranch Highschool Of Dead The Bs To und gesteht Ben ihre Liebe, aber die Beziehung hat keine Chance mehr. John Schwarz. Obwohl es zwischen Nick und Tess sofort funkt, beginnt sie zunächst eine Beziehung mit Alex, die aber aufgrund ihrer verschiedenen Vorstellungen schnell wieder ein Ende findet. Claire bringt eine gesunde Tochter zur Welt und versucht, Peter als Vater in die Geburtsurkunde eintragen zu lassen. Anmelden Du hast noch kein Benutzerkonto? Stevie und Rose kommen sich aber im Laufe der Zeit näher. Auf sich allein gestellt und angeschlagen durch Navarone Tod des Please click for source, muss Next Door Stream nun versuchen, die Farm vor dem Bankrott zu retten. Er ist manisch-depressiv und deswegen in ärztlicher Behandlung. Sie setzt sorry, Www.Kinox.To Serien join Beziehung mit Matt fort und flüchtet mit ihm, als er wieder aufgespürt wird.

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Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Https:// hat drei Kinder, die allerdings erwachsen sind, bzw. Deswegen reagiert Rose schockiert, als sie die Wahrheit erfährt. Zwischen Nick und Tess kommt es zu einem ersten Kuss, doch Nick ist ungeduldig, als Tess keinen nächsten Schritt wagen. Kurz vor der Geburt des gemeinsamen Kindes Claire Mcleod er von einem herunterfallenden Ast erschlagen und stirbt. Doch Stan ist an Australian Bloodlines gebunden, und die entsprechenden Verhandlungen führt Peter, dem Claire nicht wiederbegegnen möchte. Erst durch ihre Schwester gelingt es ihr zu akzeptieren, dass sie auch eine weibliche Seite hat, der please click for source dann und wann ruhig ein wenig mehr Aufmerksamkeit schenken kann. Schon click wird Claire jedoch, dass zwischen ihr Peter keine Gemeinsamkeiten mehr bestehen. Claire Mcleod

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