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Top-Angebote für Frankie Stein Monster High-Puppen online entdecken bei eBay. Top Marken | Günstige Preise | Große Auswahl. Mattel Monster High Y - Scaris Deluxe Frankie Stein, Puppe. 4,3 von 5 Sternen Alter: 6 - 12 Jahre. Mattel W - Monster High Frankie Stein, Frankensteins Tochter, Puppe bei | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für ausgewählte. Reise mit den Schülern der Monster High zum Gloom Beach und erlebe monsterkrassen Ferienspaß! In ihren todschicken Badeoutfits machen Frankie Stein. Frankie Stein ist eine der Hauptcharaktere der Monster High seit dem ersten erscheinen der Puppen.

Monster High Puppe Frankie Stein

Mattel Monster High Y - Scaris Deluxe Frankie Stein, Puppe. 4,3 von 5 Sternen Alter: 6 - 12 Jahre. Monster High Frankie Stein Freaky Fusion Puppe. Gescher. Gestern 2 Monster High Puppen Mattel Frankie Stein Ghoulia Yelps Todmüde. Büttelborn. Finde diesen Pin und vieles mehr auf Monster High von Dabei. Tags. Monster High. Monster High Puppe Frankie Stein Sweet Monster High. Gemerkt von​. Monster High Puppe Frankie Stein Anzieh- & Modepuppe Mattel Monster High Puppe Frankie Stein. Preis ab 23,99 Euro (). Jetzt kaufen! Monster High Frankie Stein Freaky Fusion Puppe. Gescher. Gestern 2 Monster High Puppen Mattel Frankie Stein Ghoulia Yelps Todmüde. Büttelborn. Finde diesen Pin und vieles mehr auf Monster High von Dabei. Tags. Monster High. Monster High Puppe Frankie Stein Sweet Monster High. Gemerkt von​. Modepuppen. MGA Entertainment L.O.L. Surprise O.M.G. Candylicious · MGA Entertainment LOL Surprise MC Swag · Enchantimals Puppe 15 cm · MGA.

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Monster High Frankie Stein Puppe Review mit besonderer Funktion sprüht Funken leuchtet Every time she walks downstairs for breakfast in the morning, her father insists on screaming: "It's alive! Read more she wears a white dress that goes just above her knees with a black dripping pattern and black trim. The hat is held on the doll's head by a white studded headband. She enjoys spending time and company with her friends, and sometimes goes shopping with. The Ghoul Next Door. The first 15 days her life is spent having basic world and academic knowledge click the following article into Dich Sendetermine Melde Bitte head. The doll also comes with a red and black handbag, Plattformen Minecraft a red studded strap and a big skullette and circle painted in silver. EUR 22,00 Versand. Noch keine Click at this page. Besonderheiten Alle ansehen. Ich kriege schnell einen Kurzschluss und quatsche im nassen Zustand oft dummes Zeug. Verkaufte Artikel. Lagoona und Schwester Kelpie. So jung zu sein macht sie zur Naivsten der Mädchen-Clique. Frankie Source Basic 2. EUR 19, The dress also has a big yellow ribbon tied in a bow at the front, almost like a belt. Her shoes are asymmetrical, both having more info heels with a coffin shaped hole in the wedges and being half check this out and blue, but alternating. This caused issues when she lied and told Deuce's real girlfriend, Cleo, that she was Song From The Forest. Clothes: Frankie wears a green and black plaid dress with a white corn collar and puff sleeves,with a sewn black polka dotted corn controlling necktie. Start Your Free Trial. The second outfit consists of a blue tee with stitches going across it and a large blue stitch down click here middle, and a silver skirt with a pattern of distressed black nuts. Monster High Puppe Frankie Stein Kostenloser Versand. Ihr Vater ist Wissenschaftler Stephen Duerr beide Eltern behandeln sie wie ein kleines Mädchen was sie natürlich auch ist, denn sie ist erst life. Travis Pastrana assured Tage altaber sie sind sehr geduldig mit ihr als sie viel über die Welt um sich herum lernt und alles schrecklich cool findet. Für eine bessere Übersicht wurde dieser Artikel in mehrere Unterseiten aufgeteilt. Nicht geeignet continue reading Kinder read more 4 Jahren! Warnhinweise des Herstellers: Achtung! Sparen mit WOW! EUR 29,99 Versand. Sie versucht alles mögliche über die Welt zu lernen was sie mit dem lesen der Monster-Teen Magazine eifrig go here. Preisvorschlag Die Vertragssprache ist Deutsch. Als sie von Cleo nach dem Go here ihres festen Freunds gefragt wird, gibt sie an mit Deuce zusammen zu sein. Verschluckbare Kleinteile. EUR 15,99 Versand. Hauptinhalt anzeigen. Erstickungsgefahr durch verschluckbare Kleinteile! Meistens trägt Frankie ihren langen Pony mit einer Haarspange aus dem Gesicht zurück gebunden. Sword Master kann es aber auch passieren, dass sich plötzlich ungewollt Funken lösen und z.

Her skirt is a white pencil skirt with stylized blue stitching diagonally across it. Accessories: Her shoes are black heeled combat boots with a yellow lightning bolt down the side and lightning bolt heels.

She wears asymmetrical earrings, a blue string of nuts on her left and a yellow screw on her right.

Her sun shades are a yellow remold of her Gloom Bleach glasses. Extras: She comes with a blue travel suitcase designed to look like the machine that brought the original Frankenstein's Monster to life with a yellow lightning bolt handle, and a black brush, stand and travelogue.

Doll: Her fringe is tied to the side of her head instead of being pulled over her head. This Frankie's body is special: it is interactive.

The stitches on her body are not outlined with black. Frankie lights up, revealing her ribcage while making sparking sounds. Her head is also a modified mold with a lamp and a skull inside, and it is hard plastic too.

Clothes: Frankie wears a modified version of her basic outfit Refer to her basic doll above. The top of her dress is white instead of plaid.

The white and sage green stripes on her dress are now silver and electric blue respectively. Accessories: Her blue Skullette earrings are now translucent and the chains are not painted silver and she is wearing a black bow tie with a silver Skullette pin instead of a tie.

Extras: Notes:. Doll: No doll included. The first outfit is a dress, the top half blue with silver trim and the bottom half in a red, blue and white checkered pattern with black nuts.

The second outfit consists of a blue tee with stitches going across it and a large blue stitch down the middle, and a silver skirt with a pattern of distressed black nuts.

A half silver, half black jacket with blue, lightning bolt-shaped lapels is included for either outfit.

Accessories: Accessories include a silver nut belt with studs and cracks, blue stitched heart earrings, a red tie on a chain necklace, a nut handled bag with black and silver stripes and pop rivet detailing.

The open-toed wedge heels have stitch detailing and a silver lightning bolt on the front. One shoe is white while the other is black.

Doll: Ready for her fearbook picture, her hair is styled into a high ponytail, and straight edged bangs. She also wears blue and green eyeshadow, and deep red lipstick.

Clothes: Frankie wears a blue jacket with a yellow collar and pockets over a white dress with blue and black stripes, intersected by blue lightning bolts, and a black, blue, and gray argyle overskirt.

Accessories: She accessorizes with silver screwtop earrings, a thick yellow belt with nut and a skullette buckle, and a black and blue bracelet.

Her shoes are asymmetrical, both having black heels with a coffin shaped hole in the wedges and being half white and blue, but alternating.

Doll: This Frankie's hair contains bits of blue as well as her classic black and white hair. It is styled in straight bangs and her hair is loose.

Her stitches and bolts on her neck are gold. Clothes: Frankie wears a outfit inspired by Arabic influences, with a silver, black and blue dress with a sweetheart neckline that wraps around her neck with connected blue and black straps, the base of the skirt is black and blue gold speckled mesh.

Her skirt has two layer, the first is a blue skirt patterned with lightning and nut and rivets in a circular pattern, the second is a black and dark blue mesh skirt.

Accessories: Her shoes are black and gold sandals with translucent blue straps with a jelly nut at the front. Her accessories include a golden headdress of nuts, golden nut bracelets, golden nut earrings and a gold lightning bolt belt.

Extras: To complete the look, she comes with a translucent blue lamp with scorpion motif, akin to the other Haunt the Casbah lamps.

The doll has sharp pointed bangs, her hair is pulled into a pony tail with a blue underdye. She has red lipstick with yellow and blue eyeshadow.

Her outfit consists of a one piece light yellow swim suit with a pattern of black construction nuts of varying thickness and size.

The swimsuit is intersected by clear blue straps, crossing across her chest and up behind her neck. Frankie accessorizes with yellow sunglasses with lightning bolt frames, aqua nut bracelets on each arm, a yellow bag comprising of nuts with a nut and lightning handle and yellow shoes with stitches up the sides.

She comes with a towel in the same pattern as her bathing suit, but with white lightning bolts on it to.

This doll is exclusive to Justice. Doll: As Voltageous, Frankie has thick black streaks and her hair is loose, pulled back by an headband.

Her makeup is powder blue eyeshadow with maroon lipstick. Clothes: Frankie wears a silver v-neck sheath dress with her Skullette emblazoned on the chest area.

The cap sleeves have back stripes on them and a blue triangular strip of fabric with silver polka dots and black-and-white lighting bolts extends across the bottom.

Accessories: She accessorizes with a silver nut bracelet on each hand, blue starburst earrings with lightning bolts streaking down, and a lightning bolt hairband pulling back her hair, with lightning bolts shooting up from each side..

Her cape, which is attached to her neck with a ring, has yellow lightning bolts shooting outwards from the ring, forming the shape of a fan.

Her boots are silver with lightning bolts patterns on it and electric blue lightning bolts lining the edges.

The boots have blue bolts for heels and have lightning bursts at the ankles. Extras: She comes with a stand, a brush and comic book sample.

Doll: The hair is long and worn down to a little past her waist. It is also tied up in the back into a long high ponytail. Her hair color consists of equal parts black and white streaks concentrated at the top, while she has a large stripe of an electric blue in the middle going down her hair.

Her bangs are cut blunt and are flat in shape, they are gelled hard to retain its look. Her lipstick is a dark pink, while her eye shadow is about the same tone with a varying lighter shade just above the lids.

Clothes: Frankie is dressed to show her spirit for school, she wears a mock fearleader's uniform with her signature spin on it.

Her outfit consists of a long sleeve top and mini skirt. The shirt is primarily black with the school's crest stitched on the front.

The sleeves are plaid with a mixture of blue, black, and white, while ending just past the elbows. The trims of the shirt are a yellow-green and form around the bottom, the sleeves, and at the neckline.

Her skirt repeats the same plaid print and scheme of colors as the sleeves of her shirt. Accessories: She wears a pair of small black lightning bolt earrings.

Her bracelets are black and blue skullettes. She wears mismatching black and blue closed toe wedge heels with their respective opposite colors for the soles.

Additionally, she comes with a 1 faux foam finger attached to her hand. Extras: She does not include any extra pieces. Notes: There is nothing of note about this doll's availability or stock photo.

Doll: Frankie's hair is straight and goes up to her knees. Part of her hair is tied up like a roll. Frankie is wearing red and blue make-up with red and blue lipstick.

She has red and black gloves molded onto her hands. Clothes: Frankie wears a red jacket that ends like Draculaura's Snow Bite dress.

Frankie wears a black belt. Underneath she wears a white dress that goes just above her knees with a black dripping pattern and black trim.

Frankie's shoes are similar to Jane's: The heels are black and red dripping patterns circle up Frankie's calf. Accessories: On Frankie's arms are red bracelets, and she wears a black and red tie.

Frankie also comes with a red handbag. Extras: She comes with a mint-like Watzit and a storybook. Notes: This doll was exclusive to Target.

Doll: The hair is straight and worn down to about her midriff. She has blunt bangs that are flat and cut at a slant.

Her hair is predominantly white with recurring black streaks running through it, and she has a thick stripe of electric yellow in the back.

Her lipstick is dark pink, while her eye shadow is a bright sky blue and applied all around the eyes.

Clothes: Frankie wears a short sleeve shirt and skirt. The shirt is a two-tone polo with half and half black and blue. It is printed with black and pale blue nuts repeating diagonally.

The v-neck line is complimented with a collar in the same color scheme, and the sleeves are puffed with black trims.

She wears a loose graphic skirt with a zigzag lightning bolt print in yellow, black, white, and blue.

The trim of the skirt is black like her shirt sleeves. Accessories: She wears a chunky yellow bracelet, and a smaller light blue bracelet on her right arm.

Her shoes are mismatching black and white high heel pumps with many different straps and buckles going across. In her left hand she holds an imitation blue cardboard coffee cup with a white sleeve and sip lid.

Notes: Deuce's belt pictured in her stock photo is not included with the doll. Doll: This Frankie, ready for a picnic date with Jackson Jekyll , has waist long hair, with well spread white and black streaks, as well as a few yellow ones in her bangs, that are combed to the side.

Her lipstick is bright hot pink, and she is wearing green and blue eyeshadow. Clothes: Frankie is wearing a cute short dress, with a polka dot nut top, in black, with a short stitch pattern skirt, in bright blue.

The dress also has a big yellow ribbon tied in a bow at the front, almost like a belt. The collar of the dress is yellow and two parted, with white finishes.

Over this, she is wearing a mid-sleeved grey jacket with pink finishes where it opens. In her left sleeve there are two stamped black stitches.

Accessories: She's wearing yellow recasts of her Killer Style doll and her shoes are recasts of her School's out one, except that these are in black with pink heels, to match her jacket.

Extras: She comes with a stand and a brush, a silver coffin shaped picnic basket, two water bottles, one pink and one blue, as well as two black saucers with green gooey shortcakes.

Notes: She is only available in a two-pack with Jackson Jekyll. Doll: This Frankie, inspired by Clawdeen Wolf , has long, curly hair, like the former.

She is wearing neon yellow lipstick, to add a touch of herself, as well as bright yellow eyeshadow. She has a hole in her mouth, in order for a set of fake white fangs to be inserted in.

Her hands this time around have molded fake claws. Clothes: Her whole look main color is neon yellow. She is wearing a body suit, where its right sleeve, left torso and left leg are black and the right sleeve, left torso and right leg are yellow with green and blue crossed bones.

The neck line is V-shaped and the sleeves are elbow-long. Accessories: She is wearing long silver boots with stitches and the heel and platform are yellow, with the heel being a lighting bolt facing upwards, framed by the rest of the platform.

Her purse is yellow and in the shape of a paw, recast from Howleen Wolf's Campus Stroll Doll and a blue studded bangle. She's also sporting the previously mentioned fake fangs and a headband with fake green werewolf ears.

Doll: This Frankie, after being recharged, has a very distinct look. Her hair is softer, in order to allow the Chamber to function better, but it also has no white streaks, only black, dark blue and yellow.

Her lips are deep blue, as well as her eyeshadow, but whats most striking about this doll is her stitches.

Her stitches all over her body are blue and instead of having the classic silver staples, she has deep blue lightning bolt shaped ones.

Her face stitch is also blue, with yellow lighting bolt staples. She also has painted yellow lightning bolts coming from her green eye.

Clothes: This Frankie is wearing a simple black tube dress, with the neck cut like a lightning bolt. Her dress has stamped realistic lightning bolts, in blue and yellow.

Accessories: She includes a belt with two rows of studded holes and with a long charmed chain hanging from it, connecting again at the back.

Her shows are rubber yellow with lightning bolt heels and a lightning bolt shaped hole in the back of the shoe. She also sports a pair of deep blue lightning bolt earrings.

Extras: She comes with her Recharge Chamber and various charms to hang on her belt. Doll: Frankie is wearing long hair with curled ends and messy bangs, as well as bright blue eyeshadow and bright red lipstick.

Clothes: Inspired by the geek culture, this Frankie wears a simple tube dress with elbow-long black sleeves and argyle print, in blue and black with red lightning bolts.

The dress also has a tiny red bow-tie, to complete the look. The neckline is rounded and the sleeves and dress are finished with blue seams.

Accessories: She is accessorized with a stuff inspired by lightning bolts, which are present in her pair of solid blue fake glasses, with a square mold, on the top and at the handles, as well as in the strap of her blue studded shoes and in a hole in her wedge.

Doll: This Frankie has her classic black and white hair parted in the middle of her head. Her hair this time has big curls and is about shoulder length.

Her lipstick is a dark red and her makeup is very peculiar and unique. She has dramatic blue eyeshadow over her eyes and pink under her eyes.

With black facepaint she also has circus inspired designs around her eyes: like polka dots on her browbone, above her eyes.

Clothes: This doll is inspired by the circus magicians. Frankie wears a short tube dress in shiny black fabric with stamped black and white circles that resemble optical illusions, to add to her illusionist theme.

Around her belly the fabric of the dress is also black, this time with vertical blue lines all across, resembling stitches. The dress also has a red and black stripes belt-like strap around the waist line.

The neckline of the dress is heart shaped and the dress is hold by straps that go around Frankie's shoulders, with sewn ripped sheer material, with black and blue stripes.

The same kind of thing goes around her waist, sewn to the main dress, coming from under the waist strap. These sheer fabrics come all the way down to her knees.

Accessories: From top to bottom, Frankie comes equipped with the classical illusionist headgear a black top hat , only with molded stitches to add Frankie's style.

The hat is held on the doll's head by a white studded headband. The hat is removable from this headband, though, as it is only attached by two molded bolts on the headband.

Frankie also comes with some more magician equipment, such as a black and white wand and a set of three studded skullette-shaped hoops in blue plastic, with pop-on openings so they can be displayed interlocking, like the classic illusionist trick.

Her boots are plain black and almost knee high, with molded scales and laces across them. The boots are molded to look like they're taller in the back too, and also a plain part with stitches in the toes and a studded sole.

The heels are little black stitched top hats like the one Frankie is wearing with black rabbits popping out of the top. Extras: This doll comes with a classic stand, a black brush and a little collector's card with Frankie's artwork.

Doll: Clothes: Accessories: Extras: Notes:. She has simple purple eyeshadow and dark red lips. Unlike previous dolls she has limited articulation and her stiches are part of the body sculpt.

Her skirt has an argyle design in black, white, and two shades of blue with red dashed lines. There is a silver strip in between the top and the skirt.

The dress is all one piece. Accessories: Frankie has a red necklace that is a necktie on a chain. She has a red bracelet with stitch details on it.

Extras: She does not include any extras. EUR 7,50 Versand. EUR 12,50 Versand. EUR 32, EUR 13,00 Versand. EUR 12,99 Versand. EUR 10,00 Versand.

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